Local Rules:
Out of Bounds
Beyond any fence, hedge or wall bounding the course. Beyond any white posts.
Water Hazards – Rule 26
Water hazards are defined by Yellow stakes. Lateral water hazards are defined by Red stakes.
Movable obstructions – Rule 24-1
Stones in bunkers. Fairway target marker posts.
Ground Under Repair – Rule 21-1
Play is prohibited in G.U.R demarcated areas.
Immovable obstructions – Rule 24-2
Fixed sprinkler heads.  Fixed yardage marker posts.  Gravelled surface drains.  All roads, paths & bridges. Staked Trees – relief MUST be taken.
Electricity Cables – Rule 24-2
The electricity cable crossing the 12th &14th fairways is an immovable obstruction. Any ball stopped or deflected must be replayed without penalty.
Roads & Paths – Rule 24-2
All roads, paths & bridges are immovable obstructions
Scorecard 2016
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